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Meat Lovers Pizza

Over the years, we’ve made some pretty good pizzas, if I do say so myself.

If you’ve ever been to Mortadella Head, you’ll know about our Roman Pizza Al Taglio—our pizza window, where we sell our freshly made Roman pizza by the slice.

It’s truly one of the best parts about Mortadella Head. We have a rotating list of our signature staples, but sometimes, our pizza makers get crazy and toss their own wild creations into the mix.

And I’m not kidding when I tell you that we have everything that you could possibly hope for on our list.

I’m talking about plain cheese pizzas.

Pepperoni pizzas.

Eggplant parm pizzas.

Anything you can think of—if it’s crossed your mind, we’ve tried it.

Naturally, as Italians, we are huge meat eaters.

To us, no meal is complete without at least a little bit of meat.

All different types of meat work with us, it just has to be delicious.

Which is why it probably comes as no surprise that we have plenty of meat based pizzas for you to try and love.

Anything from a standard sausage pizza to a freaking big mac style pizza is fair game.

And the best part?

You can make as many of these as you want.

All you need is a lightly floured surface, some pizza dough at room temperature, pizza sauce, a large bowl, wooden spoon, a pizza stone or pizza pan (a baking sheet will work too), mozzarella cheese, and your favorite meat toppings, and you’ll be in business for your family’s next pizza night.

Here are some of our favorite meat lovers pizza recipes.

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Buffalo Fried Chicken Pizza Recipe

Otherwise known as Buffalo Chicken Pizza, this is personally one of my favorite pizza toppings of all time.

We do things a little differently here, like keeping the pizza base as a red sauce (the best part of the whole pie), using feta cheese instead of blue cheese, and drizzling creamy gorgonzola cheese on top of everything at the end.

You could even top it with crispy bacon if you really wanted to get crazy.

Try using our recipe to make one for yourself!


Here’s how we make our famous buffalo chicken pizza! Should we make a recipe video for this one? #SephoraConcealers #DrPepperTuitionContest #bostontiktok

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The Mamaluke—Meatball and Ricotta Pizza

If you don’t like meatballs, don’t you dare call yourself a meat lover.

In all seriousness, to me, a meatball is one of the best Italian style entrees out there.

So it only makes sense that we made a meaty pizza with them, using a few simple ingredients.

The Mamaluke has our famous ricotta mixture, ground beef (though any ground up version of types of meat would work), tomato sauce, and a whole lotta love.

This is our very own homemade pizza recipe, and you’re guaranteed to love it!


Here’s how we make our Mamaluke pizza! #bostontiktok #somerville #pizzamaker

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Flatbread Pepperoni Pizza

A lot of the time, people think that in order for a pizza to qualify as a true meatlovers pizza, it has to be loaded to the top with all different kinds of various meats.

But to me, that’s not the case.

And I’ll tell you why—because anyone who can’t enjoy a plain and simple pepperoni pizza on top of some crispy crust isn’t a true meat lover.

I said what I said.

Eat this plain, or top it with some jalapeños and honey. Regardless of how you enjoy it, this pizza is fit for a true meat lover.

Chicken Parm Pizza Recipe

This is probably the best meat lovers pizza recipe that I have on this list.

And it’s because it’s made oh so very nice.

I know, I know, chicken parmigiana isn’t authentically Italian, it’s American food.

But tell me, what’s better than crispy chicken? Parmesan cheese? Delicious tomato sauce? All on your very own pizza?

That’s right, not much.

This is one of the best pizza recipes for a meat lover.

Try it once, and you’ll be hooked. Promise.


Here’s our secret to chicken parm pizza! #bostontiktok #bostonfoodies #pizzamaking

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The Pig Mac

If you can look just beyond that fluffy pizza crust, you’ll surely notice the monstrosity of toppings that are layered right on top of that piece of pizza dough.

Particularly the lettuce, ground beef, golden brown cheese, and thousand island dressing.

Now, it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to know that any lover of the treasured Big Mac is a lover of meat, as well.

That’s why this Pig Mac pizza is sure to satisfy the cravings of any meat lover there is.

Gyro Pizza

If you’re one of those people who loves gyros, this Gyro Pizza Recipe is for you.

It has all of the redeeming qualities of a delicious gyro: ground lamb. Tzatziki sauce. Kalamata olives. Bell peppers.

You can even throw some fries on that thing if you wanted to!

It’s super easy to make at home, and only takes 12-15 minutes to cook on a pizza peel in the oven.

This will be one delicious homemade meat lover’s pizza!

Stuffed Roman Pizza

And last but not least is perhaps the most delicious meat lovers pizza on this list:

The stuffed pizza.

Now, you’ve probably heard of pizza stuffed with shredded mozzarella cheese.

But have you ever had a pizza stuffed with an entire chicken parm?!

Didn’t think so.

Not only is this stuffed with the best of the best, but it’s also topped with spicy pepperoni, a honey drizzle, and jalapeños.

That’s right, all different types of cheese, meats, and toppings.

It’s the best.

All you need is a piece of dough or a thicker crust, some salt and black pepper, a little olive oil, and a little time.

Check out our recipe for this one, you’ll love it!

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