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Just like we make ’em at our place! Many of these recipes are the same we follow everyday at our Italian-American restaurant in Somerville, MA. Others have been modified to be made at home easily, and are the product of our years of expertise and our love for homemade food. Either way, here you’ll find a collection of recipes for every use and occasion. Enjoy!

Maggiano’s Meatball Recipe (Copycat)

I’m not someone that is really into chain restaurants, but I’ve heard some good things about Maggiano’s Little Italy.  It’s an Italian restaurant chain that was started in 1991 in Chicago.   After more than 30 years in business they have over 50 locations and serve old school Italian food that …

How To Reheat Meatballs Like a Pro (7 Easy Methods)

So you want to know the best way to reheat meatballs?  At Mortadella Head I make a lot of meatballs and reheat a lot of meatballs.  I’d go as far as saying I am a meatball pro.  And today I want to teach you how to reheat your meatballs like …

Are you in the mood for a sweet and satisfying treat? Look no further than this scrumptious yogurt coffee cake recipe. With its fluffy texture, this cake combines the rich flavor of coffee with the tanginess and health benefits of Greek yogurt to create a dessert that is sure to please any palate.

Enjoy the taste of classic chicken parmesan in a delicious pizza form. This recipe features a crispy crust, marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, pecorino, and juicy chicken parmesan, making it the perfect dinner or party dish.

fried meatballs with dipping sauce

Fried meatballs are probably the most flavorful meatballs in my opinion. Here's a recipe to make them every time you want!

Frozen meatballs can be a lifesaver when you need to throw a quick and delicious dinner together. Whether you bought your frozen meatballs at the supermarket or made a batch of your own and have leftover meatballs, this is how you should cook them.

How to make Roman Pizza Dough at home

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