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Just like we make ’em at our place! Many of these recipes are the same we follow everyday at our Italian-American restaurant in Somerville, MA. Others have been modified to be made at home easily, and are the product of our years of expertise and our love for homemade food. Either way, here you’ll find a collection of recipes for every use and occasion. Enjoy!

2 jars of homemade Italian seasoning: one made with basic herbs, and one spiced up with chili pepper flakes and seeds

Italian Seasoning is actually an American product, but is synthesizes the way we use spices pretty well. Here's how a native Italian would make it at home... with a spicy add-on!

We’re overachievers when it comes to food, so we took it up a notch. Instead of stuffing the crust of this Shredder pizza with cheese, we chose to stuff it with a whole entire chicken parm. Yes, it’s possible. Yes, we did it. And yes, it tastes unlike anything you’ve ever had before.

“What can I do with Marinara sauce?” Whether you’re making it by yourself for the first time, or you’re wondering what to do with your leftover jarred marinara sauce, this article is for you. Marinara is a very simple and versatile sauce, so it is perfect both for beginners who …

A loaded sandwich? Topped with an entire pizza?! This may seem a lot, but we're sure it'll make its way into your dinner rotation!

a plate of gnocchi sorrentina, a traditional Italian dish made with marinara sauce

The cheese pull went for miles on this baby! Talk about comfort food. This will be the tastiest Gnocchi Sorrentina you’ve ever had, and it’s so incredibly easy to make.

Pasta Puttanesca is a typical Italian dish with marinara sauce

Straight from Naples, this wicked easy Pasta Puttanesca is perfect if you're in a hurry but are dying for something tasty. The flavors blend together so nicely to give this the touch of umami you've been craving.

How to make Roman Pizza Dough at home

Our stove is on – swing by today!

If you’re in Somerville MA, don’t be a stranger. Come in and taste the foods you’ve just read about, or have them catered to your office!

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