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All we know about Italy so far

We didn’t just want to make Italian food. We wanted to know every detail, every story behind what we were serving. So, we’ve traveled through Italy and learned from the masters. Here’s every secret we brought back…

We also partner with a few friends from Italy who regularly share their local traditions on our blog. Go check their posts and learn everything about Italian food!

Variously described as; “King of all the cheeses”; possessed of a “beautifully balanced taste” and “a luscious blend of fresh cream and

The name sounds like two cheeky little Italian boys, but it actually translates to “Cheese and Pepper” and is a pasta dish

If you’re a fan of Italian food, you’ll know that one of the fundamental rules of their cuisine is that a dish

Crocchette Alla ‘Nduja

Remember when we got really detailed in our description of ‘nduja? Today we’re giving you a way to put it to use.

A crumbling, hectic city that seems to be held together by pure attitude, Naples perfectly embodies southern Italian charm. The old cobbled

Got a sweet tooth? We’ve got good news. It’s clear that sweets are part of the Italian culinary tradition, but did you

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