Here’s Where You Can Find Roman Pizza in the United States

For those interested in food trends, you may have noticed a rise in Roman pizza restaurants in the United States. In America, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a dish more beloved than pizza. Many gourmands don’t realize how much variety there is when it comes to choosing the perfect pizza. Think deep-dish, specialty crusts, endless options for toppings; your choices are seemingly infinite.

A somewhat new addition to the foodie conversation is Roman style pizza. But this isn’t the triangular slice you can find anywhere, but a rectangular slice of gourmet heaven. What differentiates pizza al taglio from other styles is its airy crust. Think of a slab that’s light and fluffy yet thick enough to be topped with plenty of cheese, meats, and vegetables.

While Rome boasts a wealth of options where you can delight in Roman style pizza, the United States has some hidden gems, too. Read on for a list of five of the best places in America that are serving up a delicious twist on an old favorite.

Alice – Philadelphia, PA

Domenico Giovannini established the first Alice pizza in Rome over thirty years ago. Since then, the entrepreneur has opened franchises in other countries. Most recently, Giovannini opened his first location in the United States. Teaming up with local restaurateur Mario Longo, the pair opened a location in Center City Philadelphia. The Alice brand is known for fresh ingredients, culinary ingenuity, and delicious ingredient combinations on their pizza.

Bonci – Chicago, IL

Gabriele Bonci is a name synonymous with pizza. Bonci got his start at his Rome-based pizzeria, Pizzarium. Since then, he has created over 1,500 unique pizza recipes and opened a location in the West Loop section of Chicago. Every day, there is a new addition to the menu — precisely what makes Bonci stand out from the crowd. No matter your palate or how picky your tastebuds, Bonci has something for even the most discerning of pizza enthusiasts.

Il Romanista – Los Angeles, CA

In El Segundo, you’ll find Il Romanista — a casual eatery run by owner and chef Luis Roditis. Born of Greek and Italian immigrants, he considers Rome his second home. Not wanting to wait for another visit back to Italy for his beloved pizza, Roditis opened Il Romanista to sell slabs to his fellow Californians. Head to the counter where you’ll find 14 different pizzas ranging from the simple caprese to more adventurous combos like kale and sausage, artichoke and eggplant, and potatoes and rosemary.

Mortadella Head – Boston, MA

At Mortadella Head, we consider ourselves one of the rare Roman pizza gems of Boston’s restaurant scene. We take old school tradition and infuse it with modern bravado to bring you an experience that is truly unique. Think of classics from Italian pizzerias with some American flavor injected in. Old world recipes and a bit of culinary creativity; it works. When you think of pizza, Boston might not be the first city that comes to mind. But customers are suggesting that Mortadella Head may just be the reason that changes.

Rione – Philadelphia, PA

Similar to Rome, Philadelphia is a city of distinct, vibrant neighborhoods. Rione’s pizza uses a high hydration dough and 72-fermentation process. This allows him to achieve the light, airy crust that is Roman pizza. Their slices include toppings like potatoes, squash blossoms, zucchini, and sausage. Chef-owner Francesco Crovetti opened Rione after missing Roman pizza from back home. We get it, we really do.

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  2. Hi! I love Roman pizza! I’ve been to Pizzarium and one of the other places you mention in your other post. And also various streetside other shops (not famous). I’m looking forward to trying your Roman-style pizza!

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