Italian Red Wine Vinaigrette Recipe

italian red wine vinaigrette recipe

The Best Red Wine Vinaigrette with Honey

Are you someone that likes a good Italian salad dressing? If you are, I have something you’re going to love. 

This is a great recipe for a homemade red wine vinaigrette. It’s made with really simple ingredients and takes a few minutes to make.

I love a tangy red wine vinaigrette. It can be used as a simple salad dressing or a marinade for steak, chicken, pork and fish.

The vinaigrette ingredients that I’m using for this recipe will be made with all shelf stable ingredients.  This will allow you to store it at room temperature.

I always try to encourage people to make homemade dressings instead of buying them at the supermarket.  This is going to become one of your favorite dressings.

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What You Need To Make This Red Wine Vinaigrette Recipe

All of these ingredients are things that you can find in your local grocery store.


I suggest using extra-virgin olive oil for this red wine vinegar dressing.  It doesn’t have to be the best olive oil, but it should be good.


Make sure you buy real red wine vinegar. Avoid the ones made with white vinegar and colorings.

Dijon Mustard

A good tangy dijon mustard is all you need. 


The honey will add a touch of sweetness to this simple red wine vinaigrette.


I’m using dry herbs for this recipe.  You can choose from parsley, oregano, basil or any other dried herb that you like.  You can also use dried Italian seasoning that comes already mixed up.


I like using Kosher salt, black pepper and garlic powder.  If you like things spicy you can add a pinch of red pepper flakes.


People are going nuts over our red wine vinaigrette recipe! Save this for latee! INGREDIENTS: -1 cup red wine vinegar -1 tbsp dijon mustard -1/4 cup honey -1 tbsp parsley -1 tbsp garlic powder -Salt & black pepper to taste -2 cups of olive oil Shake it up and serve with some salad! #dressingrecipe #redwinevinaigrette #bostonfoodies

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How To Make The Homemade Italian Vinaigrette

Take all of your ingredients and put them in a jar or other container with a tight fitting lid. 

Shake it up for about a minute.  That’s it. 

Store your homemade salad dressing in an airtight container.  Leave it in the fridge or the cabinet if you used all shelf stable ingredients.  If you used fresh herbs or fresh garlic you should store it in the fridge.

How To Use Your Homemade Vinaigrette

I love making my own dressing. I use it for a lot of things in addition to making salads.  Here are some ways I use this super versatile salad dressing.

I use it to make a delicious pasta salad.  I toss it with orzo pasta, red onion, roasted red and green bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, spinach and feta cheese.

I use it to marinate meat for the grill.  Chicken kabobs and steak tips come out delicious when they soak in this homemade Italian dressing for a while.

I use it to flavor grilled vegetables like eggplant, zucchini and yellow squash.

I also make all types of salads with it.  It’s great with iceberg lettuce, red leaf salad greens and any other type of lettuce.

Drizzle it on an Italian sub.  It adds the perfect balance to the salty cold cuts.

Red Wine Vinaigrette FAQs

Do I have to use garlic powder?

No.  You can use fresh minced garlic instead of garlic powder.  It will have to be stored in the fridge and won’t last as long as it would if using the garlic powder. 

Can I fresh herbs?

Yes.  You can use fresh herbs to make your vinaigrette, however the vinaigrette will have to be stored in the fridge.


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italian red wine vinaigrette recipe

Italian Red Wine Vinaigrette Recipe

  • Author: Chuck Sillari



2 cups of extra virgin olive oil

1 cup of red wine vinegar

1 tablespoon of dijon mustard

2 teaspoons honey

2 teaspoons salt

2 teaspoon of garlic powder

1 teaspoon of dried parsley

1 teaspoon of black pepper


Take all ingredients and put them in a mason jar or a deli container with a tight-fitting lid.

Shake it vigorously until all of the ingredients are combined.


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