The Best Spots for Breakfast in Manchester, NH

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Looking for that spot where you can have the best breakfast in Manchester NH?

If you don’t think Manchester is the hub for breakfast spots in New Hampshire, think again!

During the pandemic, my fiancé and I made it a point to visit as many small businesses as possible, particularly restaurants, to support through the trying times.

And we found so many great places.

Manchester, particularly Elm Street, is the southern New Hampshire hub for food, nightlife, and general New England fare.

But there’s one area of expertise that Manchester has nailed down to a science, and it’s one that may surprise you:


From coffee shops, to sit down meals, to takeaway breakfast goodies, Manchester just kills it every time.

One thing in particular that I love about these popular restaurants is the cultural diversity presented with these options.

Surprisingly, Manchester has a wonderful array of cultures present in the restaurant scene. Here in addition to your classic American style corned beef hash, French toast and Belgian waffles, you can find Caribbean food, Chinese food, Brazilian food, and even more.

When it comes to breakfast in Manchester, there’s something for everyone.

And today, I’m going to tell you about all of my favorite breakfast restaurants.


Golden Tao

270 Amory St, Manchester, NH

This popular Mandarin and Szechuan kitchen in the heart of Manchester is serving up some of the area’s best dim sum.

You can find about 20 choices on their brunch menu each morning on the weekends.


Derryfield Restaurant

625 Mammoth Rd, Manchester, NH

If you love sitting on a wide open deck sipping on a bloody mary letting the sun hit your body, The Derryfield Restaurant is the place for you.

Though this is technically a country club, there’s no exclusive breakfast club! This restaurant is open to the public for anyone to enjoy their egg omelets, breakfast sandwiches, and crepes.


Chez Vachon

136 Kelley St, Manchester, NH


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Manchester has a huge French Canadian population, and Chez Vachon sits right at the heart of it all.

Here, you can find cozy breakfast items such as authentic crepes, poutine, smoked meat, and more.

In addition to being known as one of the best breakfast places, they also have a number of delicious lunch options, as well.


Murphy’s Diner

516 Elm St, Manchester, NH


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A fixture in downtown Manchester, Murphy’s diner features an award winning breakfast menu alongside creative cocktails and unique milkshakes.

They also make Agora bagels fresh in house each weekend, which are absolutely delicious, if I do say so myself.


Margie’s Dream Diner

172 Hayward St, Manchester, NH

This Greek style restaurant is serving up some of the area’s best breakfast, burgers and sandwiches.

If you’ve been craving a breakfast skillet, this is your spot—they have some of the best I’ve ever tasted.

If hearty breakfasts are your thing, you don’t want to miss this place!



62 Lowell St, Manchester, NH


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This Brazilian style restaurant is one of the most iconic in the area, and is now becoming one of the most popular brunch spots in Southern New Hampshire.

Every single Sunday from 11-2, all you can eat brunch is served at this vibrant churrascaria for less than $30.00 a person.

It is a must try in Manchester!


Moe Joe’s Diner

649 E. Industrial Park Drive, Manchester, NH, 2175 Candia Rd, Manchester, NH

This popular eatery has two different locations, one on the Auburn line and another in the Manchester industrial park.

Each location serves delicious homemade coffee and American breakfast items.

Whether it’s a pancake or an omelet, you can’t go wrong!


Red Arrow Diner

61 Lowell St, Manchester, NH


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One of the most iconic spots in Manchester, the Red Arrow Diner has been killing the game for a long time.

Known for their creative, over the top breakfast and lunch items, this is one of the best spots for you to start your day in the area.


Airport Diner

2280 Brown Ave, Manchester, NH

Right near the Manchester airport lies a beautiful, retro style diner that serves up all of your classic American favorites.

Owned by the Common Man family (you just KNOW the food is going to be amazing), this breakfast experience is straight out of the 1950s, and is sure to be a hit with anyone you’re visiting with.


Cafe La Reine

915 Elm St, Manchester, NH


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With spots in both Downtown and the North End, Cafe La Reine is the cutest little coffee shop, that’s serving up some delicious breakfast and lunch.

This great place specializes in gourmet breakfast sandwiches, creative coffee


Julien’s Corner Kitchen

150 Bridge St, Manchester, NH

You may have seen these guys on the Phantom Gourmet, serving up all some of Manchester’s best breakfast options.

Located right on Bridge Street, Juliens Corner Kitchen is a homespun diner with a nostalgic vibe, with delicious American style breakfast options like no other.


Waterworks Cafe

250 Commercial St, Manchester, NH

If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy breakfast in a historic renovated mill, now is your chance!

Waterworks Cafe is the spot to go for locally sourced fresh food, unique breakfast offerings, and even catering. 


The Red Barn Diner

113 Elm St, Manchester, NH

Real hand cut home fries? Check.

Eggs florentine benedict? Double check.

Here at the Red Barn Diner, all of your favorite classics are elevated and served with the utmost deliciousness.

With a menu chock full of omelets, pancakes, benedicts, and even brunch items, you can’t go wrong visiting this great place.


Belmont Hall

718 Grove St, Manchester, NH

Last but not least is the first breakfast restaurant that I ever visited in Manchester, NH.

Belmont Hall is serving up all of your classic favorites, such as pancakes, eggs Benedict, and breakfast sandwiches.

They also cater too, so if you want enough breakfast to feed a crowd, give them a call. They’ll certainly make you happy!

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