Drink Coffee The Italian Way: Here’s What to Order

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Drink Coffee The Italian Way

Drink Coffee The Italian Way
You’ve just landed in Rome. You’re jet-lagged and ready for a pick-me-up. You know you’re not getting a grande caramel drizzle latte with extra foam around these parts. So what do you order? Here’s how to order coffee in Italy like a pro.

  • Caffe: One, single 3 oz shot of espresso served in a porcelain cup. Straight, to the point! Just the kick you need to start the day.
  • Americano: Italy’s answer to drip coffee — a shot of espresso with twice as much hot water. You’ll get a little more liquid in this one but it’s still that bitter taste coffee lovers need.
  • Ristretto: A “reduced” espresso using half as much hot water. An Americano, cut in half, we suppose!
  • Macchiato: Espresso that has been “marked” with a splash of milk or foam. Not quite a cappuccino, but yes, you get foam. Just a tiny bit.
  • Cappuccino: Equal parts espresso and steamed milk, topped with foamed milk. Usually ordered at breakfast and no later than 11am.
  • Caffe Latte: A large cup of latte, or steamed milk, marked with a shot of espresso. Be careful not to order a “latte” as you’ll just get a tall glass of milk.
  • Caffe Corretto: Espresso that is “corrected” with a liquor like Grappe or Cognac. Boozy coffee? Sure, why not.

You’ve probably seen a lot of these options at your local coffee shop and wondered what the heck some of them were. Now you know how to order like a pro. Which one will you be sipping on?


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