What Cheese Do You Want on Your Pizza?

With a long menu of pizzas sprawled out in front of you, it’s easy to feel intimidated. How are you supposed to choose just one kind of pizza when the list goes on and on? We’ve been in this predicament too many times to count. Thankfully, it’s not a bad situation to be in, right? We’ve devised a three-step system for choosing the best pizza to make sure you get the most out of every bite.

Step 1: The Sauce

White? Red? Pesto? This crucial step will narrow down your choices by at least half if not more. Choose wisely.

Step 2: The Toppings

Are you craving a veggie-heavy pizza or are you leaning towards a stacked meaty slice? Don’t be afraid to shy away from simplicity in this case either. We love a pizza where the cheese is the star, which brings us to the most crucial category.

Step 3: The Cheese

The cheese will determine the trajectory of your Italian experience. Its importance is the pinnacle of the pie. We’ve managed to narrow down the four best cheeses to top any slice.

Mozzarella. A classic choice, suitable for any occasion. This cheese is always a safe bet. Whether you’re trying a new restaurant or going back to your favorite spot, you can be sure that a shredded pile of mozzarella will bubble and brown beautifully. Thick slices of fresh mozzarella will warm your insides on a slice of The Margarite, with fresh basil to wonderfully complement it. As a standalone it can hold its own, and in an assortment it soars to the top. Try it with some shredded cheddar or provolone for a fun twist.

Ricotta. The classiest of the pizza cheeses in our opinion. When you order Ricotta, you mean business and everyone around you will know that you are a risk taker. It steals the show with its powerful flavor and doesn’t require much else to delight your taste buds. A favorite pairing for a creamy ricotta cheese is white sauce and garlic. Have you tried our Quattro pizza?

Blue Cheese. Blue cheese is a bit of an underdog. While it’s not the most prominent of the pizza cheeses, it’s actually extremely versatile. It’s great used for salad dressings or for dipping slices into, bite by bite. Another option is creamy gorgonzola — it’ll give you that melt-in-your-mouth buttery flavor to complement a fan favorite, the buffalo chicken pizza.

Pecorino Romano. More commonly known as the classic grated cheese. It stands out as being a great addition to any of the above cheeses. Like the salt of any great meal, pecorino romano adds more depth and flavor to your pizza. The sharp, smoky notes balance a red pizza sauce, making them the star duo.

There are many levels to a perfect pizza, but the cheese holds the greatest importance. Choose wisely!

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