Three Approaches to Making Pizza Dough at Home

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At Mortadella Head, we take pride in our pizza dough. Our Roman-style pizza is crafted using a multi-day process of activating yeast, allowing the dough to rise, and perfecting the flavors you know and love. At home, homemade pizza dough is something that you can make for parties or even just a fun family dinner everyone can participate in. Here are a few ways to make your own pizza dough at home, ranging from a fast and quick method to a much more intensive process.

Three Different Ways to Make Pizza Dough at Home

It’s really easy to make your own pizza dough, no matter how much time you have on your hands. Here are three ways, all varying in time spent making the dough and time needed to allow the dough to build up.

Quick Dough – The Fastest Way to Homemade Pizza Dough

The simplest doughs can be made using just a few ingredients. For starters, a good flour needs to be in your kitchen any time you make a dough. By simply adding warm water to a packet of instant yeast, you can slowly add the flour and some salt to form a sticky dough. Cover it for around 10 minutes to allow the fast-acting yeast to rise the dough so it’s ready for stretching and baking. In terms of going from basic ingredients to a homemade pizza, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

24-Hour Pizza Dough – Stepping it Up a Notch

In terms of a natural rise and plenty of air entering the dough, using fresh yeast can make a big difference. If you’re not ready to tackle a multi-day dough, a 24-hour recipe is a great way to get your toes wet with a more labor intensive dough. Luckily, the ingredients to something like this often stay the same, substituting instant yeast for fresh yeast and often using a combination of normal flour and bread flour. In many recipes you’ll find online, working the dough will be followed by cutting it in half, and refrigerating for 24 hours. When you go back to check on your dough, you’ll be glad you halved it – both halves will look as big as the original dough you formed! From here, you’re good to stretch, top, and cook this intermediate style dough.

Multi-Day Dough – Becoming a Pro

The fun thing about a multi-day dough is, once again, the ingredients don’t change. Everyone has their little secret touch they like to add, but you’re still dealing with flour, salt, water, and yeast. The difference here is allowing the dough time to respond to the activated yeast. Many multi-day doughs involve three steps. First, combine the ingredients of the dough and let rise for 24 hours. Next, take the dough out, work it around with freshly floured hands, and then divide the dough into portions, depending on the size crust you’d like. Lastly, let the dough sit for another 24-48 hours to allow the new formations time to expand, providing you with a canvas to work away your pizza loving heart’s desires.

No Time to Deal with Dough? We’ve Got You Covered

Making pizza at home is a blast, but sometimes you just need to skip the labor of love and get your hands on authentic Italian flavors made fresh for you. Mortadella Head has you covered, whether you’re in the mood for pizza, wings, or any of our signature dishes.

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