Italian Desserts – An All Day Affair

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Got a sweet tooth? We’ve got good news. It’s clear that sweets are part of the Italian culinary tradition, but did you know that the enjoyment of sweets in Italy spreads throughout the day? While you may be used to desserts as a post-meal treat, Italians appreciate a sweet delight any time of day.


Served with a good caffe latte, a typical Italian breakfast may include a cornetto, a biscotto, or a torta di frutta. Yes, a sweet croissant, a cookie, or a fruit tart is the sweetest way you can start your day in Italy. Pair your breakfast treat with just a shot of espresso for a quick option and a jolt of caffeine. Good morning to you!


Meeting up with the girls for lunch? Exhausted after a long day of shopping? You’ll need a pick-me-up. Bring out something more elaborate, like a torta della nonna (cream-filled pastry), bomboloni (sugared donuts), or a seasonal strudel. Lunch is served later in Italy, so you may find yourself gathering with friends for a meal followed up with dessert and an espresso around 3pm.


As if the above options weren’t enough, after dinner desserts are pretty standard. Though these desserts a bit different. Dinner at home is often followed up by a spoon dessert such as a tiramisu, zabaglione with fruit, or a slice of panettone. This is the grand finale of your evening — treat yourself!

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