The Best Restaurants Near The Loop In Methuen, MA

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If there was one thing that I loved doing when I went to college on Massachusetts’ North Shore, it was visiting The Loop.

It was so close to my college in Andover, and there was always so much to do.

When I was living in that area for school, Andover didn’t have most of the amazing restaurants and great spots that they are now known for. We had to improvise, and a lot of the time that meant going and exploring the surrounding areas and towns.

While we loved going to the beautiful movie theater right in the middle of the city, we also were huge foodies (duh) and loved exploring new spots. Lucky for us, the areas surrounding The Loop had all of that.

There are a lot of chain restaurants nearby, like Margaritas, Chick Fil-A, a McDonald’s location, and Not Your Average Joes. While I thoroughly enjoy visiting all of those, there are several restaurants in the area that are independently owned and operated and taste just as good.

Today, we’ll be focusing on those places.

So if you’re near The Loop in Methuen and are looking for a bite to eat, look no further! This list has it all.

Ellie’s Farmhouse

Fresh food, great people.

Sounds like a good time to me!

That’s how they do things over at Ellie’s, and it doesn’t disappoint. This great spot has become a crowd favorite among people visiting Methuen, and I guarantee it’ll be yours too.

One of my personal favorite things about this restaurant is that they serve breakfast from the time they open until the time they close. And not just any breakfast. These guys are doing it right by offering breakfast egg rolls and donut holes.

When it comes to breakfast and lunch, it can’t get much better than Ellie’s. It’s a must-do!

The Miller’s Tavern


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Right in the middle of Pleasant Valley Street lies the chic establishment that is The Miller’s Tavern.

If you were looking for lunch and dinner done perfectly, this great place is the spot for you.

They just do American food right.

Anyone can slap some meat between two pieces of bread and call it a sandwich, but The Miller’s Tavern just does it better.

Mac and cheese grilled cheese? Absolutely.

Steak and cheese sandwich with chimichurri aioli? You bet.

Fried chicken sandwich? Make that a Nashville hot chicken sandwich.

These guys are blowing minds, and whether it’s the World Famous BBQ Nachos or the Karaage chicken, you’re guaranteed to love anything you get here.

Yalla Grill

If you’ve been craving Lebanese food, look no further!

Straight from the heart of Beirut, this family owned and operated restaurant is a crowd favorite in Methuen.

This is one of the only places around where you can get authentic Baba Ghanouj, Sambusic, shareable Mezza plates, pita pizza, and Shawarma.

Just typing this and recalling their menu items, I am drooling.

I am confident when I say that this is one of the best local restaurants for Mediterranean food in the area, and that once you go here for lunch or dinner, you’ll be hooked.

Take my word for it and go!

Fireside Restaurant

Since 1956, the original Fireside Restaurant and Pub has been a town staple for American fare, good friends, and good food.

They offer creative menu additions like baked stuffed mushrooms, parmesan-breaded chicken breast, sausage orecchiette, and many other creative pasta dishes, entrees and appetizers.

They’ve also newly added some “heat and eat” options to grab on your way out, for those weeks that you really don’t feel like cooking dinner (we’ve all been there).

This menu is a 10/10 across all boards, and based on the happy customers, great food, and great reviews alone, it’s no secret that this place has made it for as long as it has.

Go and check it out next time you’re in the area!

Piro’s Bakery


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So this isn’t technically a restaurant, but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to include an Italian bakery in this list.

When it comes to authentic Italian baked goods, Piro’s Bakery is as good as it gets.

Open since 1985, the Piro brothers fill their display cases as many would a photo album with the best cookies, cakes, pies, breads, pastries, and desserts.

Their cannoli cupcakes are out of this world, and their pastries are something out of a magazine.

In addition to their many baked goods, they also offer a minimal pizza and calzone menu. They are famous for their meat pies and spinach pies, as well as their homemade calzones.

Best of all, they make and sell their very own Sicilian square pan pizza.

It can come however you want; hot, cold, or even frozen.

No matter the occasion, Piro’s Bakery is the place you want to go when it comes for authentic Italian food.

Mi Mexico Lindo

Authentic Mexican food right in the heart of Methuen?

Say no more.

The owners of Mi Mexico Lindo pride themselves on serving authentic, homemade Mexican food, just like you’d get in Mexico.

With a variety of lunch and dinner specials, customers can’t get enough of it here. They even have Taco Tuesday, with $1.79 unlimited ground beef tacos every single Tuesday night if you dine in.

To me, there’s just nothing better than a good taco Tuesday and I’ll stand by that. It creates such a great atmosphere with happy customers, and the vibes are impossible to beat.

Whether it’s tamales, enchiladas, or a seafood entree, Mi Mexico Lindo has you covered with some great service for some of the most authentic food in the area.

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