The Best Italian Restaurants & Food in Manchester, NH

I’m going to come at you with a hot take:

Manchester New Hampshire is serving up some fantastic food.

Way better than most people would think to give the New England state credit for.

It’s home to great options and good food from cultures all over the world, especially great Italian food.

Yep, that’s right, who would’ve thought that the Granite State would be serving up authentic Italian cuisine on the regular?

Manchester, New Hampshire’s biggest city, has some of the best Italian food I’ve ever tasted.

And I’m being serious.

So next time you’re up in Manchester, don’t go to Olive Garden. Go to one of these places for the real deal instead.

Here are the best Italian restaurants in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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The first time I visited Manchester, this is where I went.

This great place is perfect if you’re looking for a great meal full of all of the classic Italian favorites.

With an extensive wine list, plenty of appetizers, main courses, and pasta options, Fratello’s has you covered on all things delicious Italian food.

My favorite dishes here are the chicken piccata and the pasta carbonara, but they also have wonderful antipasto plates as well.

And if you hit Fratello’s on the right night, you just might be able to catch some live music.

Visiting this place is one of the best things-to-do in Manchester! 

Villaggio Ristorante

Whether it’s for a date night, celebration, or you just want to eat some delicious food, Villagio Ristorante has you covered.

The first time I went here, I was blown away by the popularity of this great place.

You’re going to want to make a reservation, because everyone’s dying to get in.

The food here is outstanding. Anything from the daily specials to the menu staples are wonderful. No matter what you order, you can’t go wrong.

One of the most unique things about this restaurant is their dessert selection.

When I went to Villaggio for the first time, servers were passing around plates of various family style pastries. If you wanted a cannoli, and it was right in front of your face, it would be served to you on the spot.

This might sound dangerous to you if you’re a dessert lover like me, but I promise you, it’s worth going for this factor alone.

This is one of New Hampshire’s most popular restaurants, you don’t want to miss this place!

900 Degrees

If I could live off of anything for the rest of my life, it would be the bruschetta from 900 Degrees.

Just kidding, kind of.

To this day I’ll tell everyone that this is the best bruschetta I’ve ever had, though.

The gourmet Neapolitan style pizza is some of the best I’ve ever had, and quite possibly the best in the state.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

Aside from pizza and appetizers, 900 degrees features a stunning brick backdrop alongside its stylish interior, and serves a variety of other main courses, salads, appetizers, and anything else you can think of.

This place truly lives up to all of its hype!


My fiance’s grandparents went here just about every weekend for years.

That’s dedication.

And it’s a testament to how amazing this Italian restaurant is.

This restaurant is known for its sauce and meatballs.

My general rule of thumb when it comes to ranking Italian restaurants is by how delicious their meatballs and sauce both are, and I promise you, Piccola consistently passes with flying colors.

It’s as close to homestyle as you can get, in my opinion.

Their portions of food are typically very large, which is perfect for leftovers.

Overall, this restaurant gets a 10/10 in my eyes. Go and try it!

Campo Enoteca


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Nestled into the heart of Elm street is what some describe as the best culinary experience of their lives.

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at all of their near perfect Google ratings.

This modern bistro and wine bar is the perfect setting for some wine, a delicious meal, and a fantastic night out with friends and family.

They boast creative plates, grilled pizzas, salads, and appetizers. Their pasta is 100% housemade, as is their Italian charcuterie, breads, and small plates.

In addition to these housemade specialties, every single thing inside of this bistro is farm-to-table, giving you the ultimate Manchester culinary experience.

In addition to their delicious pasta dishes, make sure you get one of their Mediterranean style dishes. After all, the Mediterranean diet is a massive part of Italian food culture!

Mangia Italian Restaurant


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If you were looking for an intimate setting for your next Italian excursion, this is the place you’re looking for.

Mangia has it all.

Every single thing served inside of this great place is house made, and it shows.

Their pasta dishes are divine.

I recommend going simple, the Penne Cecca is hard to beat. And this is a place where going simple is worth it, because everything on the menu is just so delicious.

It really delivers the authentic taste of Italy right to you, in the middle of Manchester.

This place is a must try!

Presto Craft Kitchen

This is the most authentic Italian kitchen you can find in Manchester, and it is amazing.

Fresh pasta dishes, salads, bites, and Italian sandwiches can be found here.

And some may say that it’s the best around.

I love it here because it reminds me of home.

Whenever I’m here, I can always pretty much guarantee that my wine sauce pastas will taste exactly as they did growing up.

In addition to their amazing pasta dishes, they are known for their iconic sandwiches, their many different kinds of chicken cutlets, and unique twists on classic Italian favorites.

Ever have a buffalo chicken cutlet?

My mouth is watering just typing this.

You have to try this place out!

Other Great Italian Restaurants:

  • Trattoria Amalfi – 385 S. Broadway, Salem, NH
  • Portofino Italian Restaurant – 456 Daniel Webster Hwy, Merrimack, NH
  • North End Bistro – 1361 Elm St, Manchester, NH

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