Screamin’ Sicilian Sub: Our Famous Steak & Cheese

mortadella head's famous screamin sicilian sub

This juicy steak and cheese is prepped with a spicier twist. You’ll never order a regular steak and cheese sub again after trying this animal!

What is the Screamin’ Sicilian?

There are some places where it’s acceptable to order a steak and cheese and others where you just shouldn’t. Think Mom & Pop pizza shop vs. some sandwich chain.

The reason is the way the steak is prepped. Have you ever bought a steak and cheese just to have it be dry as cardboard? Been there too.

Lucky for you, that’s not the kind of steak and cheese that you’re going to be making today (and it is absolutely nowhere close to the kind we sell at Mortadella Head). We’re going to have you making this sandwich with such a twist, you’ll never eat it the original way again.

Think pepperoni. Think banana peppers.

We like to call this masterpiece, “The Screamin’ Sicilian.” When you’re done with this, you’ll be screamin’ for more.

What you need to make this:


the ingredients for our screamin sicilian sub

Shaved ribeye steak: The heart and soul of this masterpiece.

Onion: A big yellow onion will work just fine with this.

Pepperoni. We recommend cutting your own fresh so they curl up into little bowls.

Banana peppers: The vinegar from these adds a really nice overall balancing touch.

Calabrian chili mayo: You can make this by blending calabrian chili flakes, garlic powder, mayo, salt and pepper to your liking.

Provolone cheese: You can use whatever sliced cheese you want with this, but provolone will always be our top choice.

Marinara sauce: This really helps to make the steak as juicy as possible. You can use whichever sauce you prefer.

Sub roll: A nice big one should do the trick. Be sure to toast this!

Grated cheese: We used grated romano, but you can use grated parmesan if you would like.

Salt & pepper: To taste.

Olive oil: Everything we make today will be cooked in olive oil in a frying pan.

*Don’t feel like reading? We’ve got you covered. Watch our Youtube video below!*

Let’s make this!

First, you’re going to heat up a frying pan on medium high heat. When it’s ready, drizzle some extra virgin olive oil in it.

Chop up some onions into quarter inch slices. Once the oil is heated, drop them into the frying pan, and season with salt and pepper. The salt will help to bring out some of the moisture and make the onions nice and sweet. Start to cook.

Slice some pepperoni into thin slices. Once you can smell the onions and they get a bit of a sear on them, you can add the pepperoni to the frying pan with the onions.

preparing the pepperoni

Push the onions and the pepperoni off to the side, and then add your shaved ribeye steak to the pan. Season with salt and pepper, and let it cook for a bit.

Once you can see the sear on one side of the steak, give it a flip. Season it one more time on the other side, and break up the steak in the pan with a spatula or a wooden spoon.

While the steak is cooking, add the panana peppers to the pan for a little heat from the vinegar.

Once the steak is fully cooked, mix all of the ingredients in the pan together and let it sit for a few minutes.


When ready, push all of the ingredients together and layer them with some provolone cheese. You can really use any cheese that you like, but we always prefer provolone with ours. Hit your pan with a tiny bit of water, and cover for one minute.

Cut the sub roll in half, and hit each side with some of that calabrian chili mayo that you made earlier.

Now for the fun part! Begin to stuff your sub. Make sure that you pack all of the filling that you made in there to get the real Mortadella Head effect.

Finish the sub off with some nice heated marinara sauce, and some grated cheese. Cut it in half, and you have yourself a Screamin’ Sicilian!


Q: I don’t like banana peppers. Is there anything else I can use?

A: Some red bell peppers would be a wonderful substitution in this sub for a milder touch, or you could add some jalapeños if you were really feeling bold!

Q: What other kind of cheese would be good with this?

A: Some American cheese would also taste really good.

Q: How much sauce should I use?

A: As much as you like! No sauce is too much, you can make this sub as much or little saucy as you want.

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What to serve with a Screamin’ Sicilian:

Beer: It would be a disservice to forgo a crisp, hoppy IPA with this. Sierra Nevada’s Hazy Little Thing has great citrus notes, but not at all overpowering to take away from the juiciness of this sub.

Chips: Some light and airy kettle cut potato chips would be perfect to balance out the heaviness of the sub. Open a bag of your favorite; we love Cape Cod Potato Chips.

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mortadella head's famous screamin sicilian sub

The Screamin’ Sicilian

  • Author: Chuck Sillari
  • Total Time: 20 minutes
  • Yield: 1-2 servings 1x


This juicy steak and cheese is prepped with a spicier twist. You’ll never order a regular steak and cheese sub again after trying this animal!



1 lb shaved ribeye steak

½ yellow onion

12 cups pepperoni

1 cup banana peppers

¼ cup calabrian chili mayo (mayo, calabrian chili pepper flakes, garlic powder, salt, pepper)

¼ lb sliced provolone cheese

2 cups of your favorite marinara sauce

1 sub roll

2 tbsp grated romano cheese

1 tbsp olive oil

Salt & pepper to taste


  1. Heat up olive oil in a pan on medium heat.
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 minutes

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