Pizza Slang 101: All the Terms You Need To Know

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Pizza Slang 101: All the Terms You Need To Know


Pizza Slang 101: All the Terms You Need To Know

Ah, the secret language of pizza. Oh, you haven’t heard of it? Listen up, it’s time to learn. Today we’re giving you the secret code words you may hear coming from our kitchen. So don’t worry, we’re not back there talking smack, we’re just churning out the good dough and having a good laugh.

Avalanche: When one of us picks up a slice fresh out of the oven and the toppings slide right off the crust. Oof!

Bones: Leftover pieces of crust. Who does that?!

Cheese Pull: That ooey, gooey, stringy cheese that connects on slice from another. You’ve probably seen it all over instagram.

Cheese Drag: When the cheese pulls entirely off of the top of a slice, it’s a real drag. Just slap it back on there, nobody’s looking.

Coastline: That bit of exposed sauce between the cheese and crust. Take a dip.

Corniccione: The raised lip on the circumference of a pizza’s crust, as opposed to the crust on the bottom of the pie.

Donut: A hole in the dough! Panic!

Isosceles: The most perfectly sliced triangle of pizza. #science

Leopard Spotting: Those small dough bubbles that have been charred black. Some people go nuts for the spots.

Pie: The word commonly used to describe a whole pizza. It’s kind of an East Coast thing.

Pizza Palate: Ever burned the roof of your mouth because you just couldn’t wait for the pizza to cool down? You’ve got pizza palate.

Pizzaiolo: (masculine) & Pizzaiola (feminine): The Italian word for pizza maker.

Roadie: On the go? Take a slice on the road.

Sinatra: A pie that comes out perfectly golden, has a little bit of sauce peeking out, and whose cheese is glistening. That, my friends, is a Sinatra.

Slap Out Some Skins: Stretch out dough balls. It’s time to make pizza.

Upskirt, or Under the Hood: The bottom of the crust. Check out those char marks.

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