All we know about Italy so far

We didn’t just want to make Italian food. We wanted to know every detail, every story behind what we were serving. So, we’ve traveled through Italy and learned from the masters. Here’s every secret we brought back…

We also partner with a few friends from Italy who regularly share their local traditions on our blog. Go check their posts and learn everything about Italian food!

Anyone who’s been to Italy knows that it’s a country full of delicious food. And you don’t have to sit down to

Cicchetti. Say what? Here’s how: chee-KET-tee. Cicchetti. Say it again. There ya go. But what is it? CICCHETTI are little snacks served

Per use through any Italian cookbook and you’ll notice a ton of the recipes use onions. Depending on the type of recipe

Italian language lesson of the day Cacio e Pepe. Literally meaning “cheese and pepper,” cacio e pepe is a wonderfully simple, yet delicious,

Let’s face it, Pasta sauce from a jar isn’t cutting it. It’s just doesn’t taste as good as the slow-cooked homemade version.

Picture it. You’re in Italy. Rome to be exact. You’re trying to decide where you’d like to eat dinner, but there’s just

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