The Best Breweries in Stowe, Vermont

a panoramic view of Stowe, Vermont, and its famous white Community Church.

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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting Vermont, you know that it’s truly magic.

Ski slopes, fall foliage, mountain biking, summertime lakes and hikes—this New England state truly has it all.

Vermont is in the heart of New England’s mountain land. And to me, Mountain Land can’t be complete without craft beer.

Breweries, distilleries, cider houses, brew pubs — if it’s locally made, you can find me there.

Lucky for this amazing state, the Stowe region of Vermont is the heart and soul of all of the best local breweries and cider houses in the state. Gorgeous mountain views, homemade brews – what more could you ask for?

These places are all committed to using the freshest local ingredients in all of their different beers, pleasing casual tasters and beer enthusiasts alike.

So look no further if you’re seeking out a place to pound some hoppy IPAs and go on a self guided tour of local craft breweries; this list has ‘em all.

Here is a list of all of the hot spots for homemade craft beer in the Stowe area.

Von Trapp Brewing - Trapp Family Lodge

1333 Luce Hill Rd, Stowe, VT 05672

This place is just wonderfully charming.

You read the name, “Von Trapp,” right, it’s THE Von Trapps.

The Sound Of Music Von Trapps.

Maria Von Trapp opened up the Von Trapp family lodge when she settled down in Stowe, because it reminded her of the hills of Austria (which, Stowe, take that as a HUGE compliment).

Maria ran the show for years, which is now run by her family.

About 10 years ago, Maria’s only son Johannes Von Trapp decided to open up a Bierhall on the premises.

And the rest is history.

The Von Trapp brewery is special because it started surrounding the Austrian tradition of lagers.

And the tradition has been successfully carried out.

Whether you want something hoppy, sweet, light, heavy, smooth, or bold, there’s a carefully crafted lager waiting for everyone in the tasting room at the Von Trapp Bierhall.

Stowe Cider

17 Town Farm Ln, Stowe, VT 05672

When it comes to cider, these guys know WTF is up.

This place opened up in 2013, with the mission to “keep cider dry.” (which seriously is such a relief, because to me there is nothing worse than a sugary cider)

Tourists and locals alike are met with a constantly rotating hard cider selection and plenty of opportunities to take home.

Open five days a week, from Wednesday to Monday come and enjoy great food, great drink, and local live music and entertainment. They also have an open mic night every Thursday from 5-8, for anyone who is bold enough to showcase their talents.

This is a must do in Stowe, and I highly recommend it to anyone passing through the area.

Alchemist Brewery

100 Cottage Club Rd, Stowe, VT 05672

What started as a 60 seat brew pub in Waterbury has turned into a Vermont tradition, with a location in Stowe added to the mix as well.

You may have heard about them through their most popular beer, Heady Topper. This, along with their Focal Banger beer, are widely distributed throughout the entire state of Vermont, with the occasional out of state shipment.

Why is it so popular, you might be wondering?

Because their entire business is dedicated to specializing in fresh, unfiltered Vermont IPA.

That means you’re only getting the good stuff, all of the time.

Their beer garden is open every week, Thursday-Sunday for you to enjoy this delicious craft beer alongside some great company.

Rock Art Brewery

632 Laporte Rd, Morristown, VT 05661

This place in Morrisville (right outside of Stowe!) is where you want to be to enjoy the best of the best craft beverages.

The second generation family run brewery has a top notch canner all the way from Germany, and only cans the best of the best carefully crafted beers.

Aside from their quality canning line, Rock Art also has a bustling taproom.

Come and enjoy fresh flights of different styles of beer with a warm bavarian pretzel and cheese sauce.

The best part? Your dog can come with you!

No need to take your double India pale ale to go, you can enjoy a great time outside with the whole entire family.

Prohibition Pig

23 S Main St, Waterbury Village Historic District, VT 05676

This place is both a brewery AND a restaurant.

We’ve covered their restaurant in another article already (which has tons of drinks and additional offerings), but today, we’re focusing on their brewery.

Located just behind their main restaurant, Prohibition Pig’s onsite brewery crafts only the finest varieties of craft homemade beer.

I’m talking about lagers, ales, pints of double IPA, and more.

Aside from beer, Prohibition Pig also boasts a mean menu.

Think Latin American inspired food and tacos.

Sounds like a good time to me!

Aside from their wonderful brew offerings, Prohibition Pig in general makes it their mission to only use the finest local ingredients, helping out local Vermont agriculture and farmers.

When you’re here, you know you’re getting the good stuff.

Idletyme Brewing Company

1859 Mountain Road, Stowe, VT 05672

Reimagined from its original state, Idletyme is and has always been a gathering spot for friends.

The favorite local brewery is a craft of the past.

Foster’s Cider Mill was a place in the 30s for farmers to gather and sample the homemade fermented beverages. On Sundays, families would drop off their apples on the way to church and stop by the next weekend to pick them up. At the core of its roots, Foster’s was a gathering place for members of the community.

In 1938, Camp Idletyme was opened by Sepp Rush, local Vermont legend who founded the country’s first ski patrol. It was closed just before World War 2, but was a popular place for friends to gather and enjoy their days.

In 1965, the Shedd Restaurant opened, bringing brewing to their premises in 1995. In 2011, they closed after a historic run, and Idletyme Brewing Company took its place.

The 3 vessel brew house has won a myriad of awards and is consistently one of Stowe’s most beloved and best breweries.

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