Face Behind The Food: my interview with Alyssa from @bottomlyssbites

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Alyssa, from @bottomlyssbites. A scientist by day and foodie by night, Alyssa has been having the best time running her food account for last year.

Here, she talks about her secrets of food blogging, her favorite types of content to create, and gives some of her best recommendations in the greater Boston area.

Tell us a bit about yourself! What inspired you to become a foodie in the Boston area?

I started this about a year ago, in the middle of July. I had just gone away to Italy, and I wanted to show all of my food to everyone. I knew a girl from high school who had a hobby food page, and I thought it was so cool. I had so many pictures, so I figured I might as well make an account for myself. I followed all my friends, got added into a New England foodie group chat, and from there got put into other group chats, and that’s when it took off.

You’re very new to the food scene and already have such an impact! How do you think that happened so fast?

I think at the beginning, I grew because I was following a bunch of people and networking. Working with other restaurants and giveaways helped a lot, and so did connecting with more people in the community.

Networking is always the way to go, and you’ve done a fantastic job of it. Now that you’re fully immersed in the foodie scene, what does your typical day as a food blogger look like?

I actually work 9-5, in the Cambridge area. I try to not do too much during the week, I have a maximum of four visits in one week. I try to keep it around 2-3, and I find that to be very manageable. I also try not to do too much on the weekend. So mostly after work, when I can get to it.

That’s great, and still leaves you with plenty of wonderful content. You’re doing great on Instagram, are you on TikTok too?

I try to use TikTok, but it’s more of a location overview rather than food. I use it when I’m bored and repurposing some videos that I edited. In a way, the videos I edit for TikTok are the videos that I wish would go viral on my Instagram page. 

I love people who give restaurant recommendations like @mydietistrash. I love those types of videos that showcase the whole experience, they’re more genuine. @bostonfoodbae does that too, I love those videos.

Those videos are getting more and more popular! Do you predict any shifts in social media trends this upcoming year?

I reeeeallly hope that Instagram goes back to pictures. I notice that some people are turning back to pictures, and it gives me hope. I love reels and incorporating them into my feed, but I hope it goes back to a mix of both.

What’s your secret weapon when it comes to food blogging?

I really like using natural lighting in videos. My flash is also a saving grace. I don’t know what I’d do without it. I feel like the flash just enhances the quality of the pictures.

Knowing how to edit your pictures is huge, too. Sometimes people just throw something up there without enhancing it. I do my best to edit only a little bit, to really enhance some parts of the picture. But be careful, because there’s a difference between not editing at all and making your pictures look super saturated.

What is one of the best restaurants you’ve had the opportunity to work with?

I went to this one place in Harvard Square, Bosso Ramen, and the owner is the sweetest man in the entire world. It was the best opportunity to work with him, it was so homey and nice in the restaurant, with such quality food, and all of the workers were just so sweet and accommodating. Just in general it was one of the best collabs I’ve ever had.

That sounds amazing! Are there any other restaurants that you’ve been dying to highlight for your brand?

I really want to go to Moona in Cambridge. I also want to go to Sarma, too. Those are the top two right now, along with that place in haverhill that just opened, Feed Me Stacks.

Outside of Boston, where’s an area that also has great food?

I LOVE Cambridge and Newton. They both have great food.

And finally what is the one restaurant you would recommend to someone visiting Boston for the weekend?

I know that everyone would go there anyway, but I would definitely say to try Crazy Good Kitchen.

Be sure to follow Alyssa at @bottomlyssbites on both TikTok and Instagram!

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