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Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Angela Miley of @thesecarbsdontcount, Boston’s biggest food blog & the creator of the #carbtini!

Angela is the QUEEN of all things pasta, pizza, and more, creating recipes that have been viewed and tried by millions of people all over the country. She’s also an avid restaurant connoisseur; visiting many of Boston’s best restaurants each week.

Here, we talk about what her life looks like as a full time foodie, her favorite restaurants, and the coolest brands that she’s had the opportunity to partner with!


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Un post condiviso da Angela • Boston Eats (@thesecarbsdontcount)

Tell us about yourself! What inspired you to create a food account?

I actually started my food blog way back in 2015. I loved taking pictures of my food and would always post it to my stories, so I figured I would just start posting to my feed. When I was in college, I only had about 10k and would just post dining hall food. I blew up in my second year after college, right during covid.

What does your typical day as a foodie look like?

I just started doing this full time two months ago, which is so exciting, and I’m still getting used to it.

I usually wake up, do emails, and then create recipes and film that portion of my content at my house. In the afternoon and the evenings I’ll go to restaurants to get that kind of content too.

Lately I’ve been trying to cut back on the amount of restaurants I visit per day. I am gluten free, but I absolutely love going to film. However, going multiple times per day adds up.

What’s been the most exciting moment you’ve experienced since becoming a food blogger?

Just the fact that it’s been able to become a career! Before it was just a hobby I loved while I was working as a teacher, but now that I’m able to monetize and build relationships where I’m able to create content and work with small businesses, it’s been absolutely amazing.


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Un post condiviso da Angela • Boston Eats (@thesecarbsdontcount)

In your opinion, what kind of content performs the best right now? Restaurants, recipes, etc.

Without a doubt recipe videos that show each step of the dish being made. Right now, I’m trying to incorporate this into content for restaurants, because people love watching those kinds of videos!

If you could change one thing about social media right now, what would it be?

The emphasis on reels. I love creating video content, but there’s something to say about a beautiful picture, and I feel like they get no love anymore.

What’s your secret weapon when it comes to food blogging?

Hashtags are really really important. When I first started, tagging other accounts to be reposted really helped too.


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Un post condiviso da Angela • Boston Eats (@thesecarbsdontcount)

Do you like creating video or photo content more?

I like creating video content more I’d say, but I wish it wasn’t such a force with growth. But I love editing videos.

What advice would you give to someone who’s just starting out in this field?

Find your niche! Find something that you really enjoy and that’s really special to you and just create high quality content with it.

What is your favorite part about being a Boston Foodie?

I would say getting to meet so many people that are in the business. It’s so much fun to be able to capture the people who are also super passionate about food and creating content, and being able to talk about those things. I also love being able to see everything behind the scenes.

You have a very unique approach in terms of your account, whereas you’re one of the few accounts that doubles as a recipe account and an area foodie. What’s been the most interesting part of navigating both scenes simultaneously?

It’s hard to manage all of the restaurants that want to have me in, because I would love to visit all of them, but I do have the recipe content creation to do as well. That said, I want to get involved in more restaurants, because it’s great getting to highlight them.


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Un post condiviso da Angela • Boston Eats (@thesecarbsdontcount)

What is one of the best restaurants you’ve had the opportunity to work with?

There’s this spot in the North End that I’ve been going to since I was a kid, La Familia Georgios. I worked with them a few times and it was so cool, because my dad used to go there when he was my age.

What has been your favorite brand to work with?

I worked with Boars Head which was really cool and Godiva was amazing. They gave me the most delicious stuffed cookies.

What are some restaurants that you’ve been dying to highlight for your brand?

I would love to work with Contessa. I need to go, that would be so cool. 


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Un post condiviso da Angela • Boston Eats (@thesecarbsdontcount)

What is your favorite kind of dish to make for your account?

I love making vodka sauce. It’s such a good looking pasta, it always turns out really photogenic.

Do you have any foodie influencers that you look up to?

I’m obsessed with The Naughty Fork, she just has beautiful videos. I also really like Foods of Jane.

Outside of Boston, where’s somewhere that also has great food?

Somerville has a lot of really good spots, even great breakfast spots too.

What are the 3 restaurants you would recommend to someone visiting Boston for the weekend?

I would recommend the Fat Cat in Quincy, Lincoln in Southie, and Panza in the North End.


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Un post condiviso da Angela • Boston Eats (@thesecarbsdontcount)

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