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For the last few years, I’ve been obsessed with finding cool new places to eat and drink in my home state of Massachusetts.

I grew up in southern MA, about a half hour outside of Boston. A lot of the time, getting into the city was such a hassle. I was forced to find the best local spots, oftentimes close to the city, but not directly in it.

Now that I live in Boston, I try to take advantage of the many local establishments my city has to offer. But there are just some places in the suburbs that I can’t help but return to.

Particularly, Marina Bay.

I had always heard of Marina Bay; my aunt moved there in her early twenties and loved it. She had the coolest spot right near the water, and could take advantage of the many local bars and restaurants all in her vicinity.

I had never been until a few years ago, but once I went for the first time, I was hooked.

It’s just so gorgeous there.

There are so many different places to eat, drink, or get a snack, all in the heart of Quincy’s gorgeous waterfront with spectacular views of Boston Harbor.

Every time I bring a friend along with me, they’re always shocked by how much fun they have.

I’ve decided that I don’t want to keep this secret to myself any longer, so I’m going to let you in on the hottest local spots all in the heart of Quincy’s Marina Bay.

So whether you live in the beautiful condos of Meriel Marina Bay or are just visiting the hidden gem for a classic waterfront dining experience, Marina Bay is the perfect spot to enjoy exquisite New England-inspired plates and a wide selection of pub-style appetizers.

Here are the best spots to check out!

Reelhouse Marina Bay


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The entire restaurant is designed to look like the interior of a yacht. It’s pristine, classy, and charming.

They feature an extensive seafood menu, inspired from all regions of the world. They also feature tropical style cocktails, so you can feel as though you’re sitting right at the beach.

Siros Restaurant


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Nestled in the heart of Marina Bay with the best view of the Boston skyline is Siros restaurant, a stylish venue serving up unique versions of your classic American favorites.

Some of their popular menu items include bacon wrapped scallops, crispy short ribs, pan seared pork chops, and more.

Chantey at Marina Bay


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The Chantey is Marina Bay’s signature pub, and one that is loved and cherished by many locals, boaters, and residents.

Their menu features all of your classic favorites, like cheeseburgers, tuna melts, and pastrami sandwiches, but also includes many unique options like a chicken salad BLT, meatloaf BLT, and fried sweet corn nuggets.

Port 305


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Gorgeous indoor seating. Outdoor seating facing Boston’s magnificent skyline. What more could you want? Port 305 has it all, and offers delicious food alongside everything.

Whether you’re ordering their signature Port Dumplings with house made dipping sauce, shrimp scampi pizza, an open faced sirloin sandwich, or many of their other wonderful menu items, you and your taste buds are guaranteed to love your experience at Port 305.


This was the first place I had ever been to in Marina Bay, and not once has it ever disappointed me. Their drinks are fantastic, and their bar bites are some of the best that the area has to offer.

Waterclub has many popular offerings like delicious grilled pizzas, massive plates of nachos, and their signature massive lobster rolls. You can’t go wrong with anything you get from here!

Victory Point at Marina Bay


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Classic Italian dining on the beautiful Marina Bay waterfront? Say no more. Since 2018, Victory Point has been serving up all of your favorites in the most prime location imaginable.

Come here for your classic Italian favorites, such as Frutti di Mar, Cozze e Linguini, lobster ravioli, Italian bistecca, and many, many more delicious options.

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