Irresistible Greek Yogurt Muffin Recipe: Swift & Delectable Bites

greek yogurt muffins

Over the past few months, I have tried several Greek yogurt muffin recipe.

I had never made them before, but after seeing a video on TikTok I decided to give them a try. The first few attempts were not great, as the batter came out too thick and did not bake well. However, I think I found the right balance with a recipe shared by Rossana of @myhealthywisk. The only difference is that while she makes her muffins with cocoa powder and a cream topping, I make them white and with a chocolate heart. Also, I add a little more yogurt to the batter.

These muffins are ready in 35 minutes, and they are perfect to start the day on the right note. You can make them as soon as you wake up and then eat them before dropping the kids off at school, or on the way to work.

The Greek yogurt gives them a delicate and delicious flavor that won over even my nephew, who doesn’t usually like sweets. Now he’s constantly asking me when I will make muffins again, which is a big win for me 😀

Here’s what you need to do to make these muffins at home.


This recipe has very few ingredients, and most of them are usually already found at home. So, if you’re craving a sweet treat in the middle of the night and you happen to have some Greek yogurt, you might not even need to head to the grocery store.

Here’s what you need:

  • Large eggs;
  • Sugar;
  • Extra virgin olive oil: as for my easy sponge cake, I use olive oil instead of butter or seed oil. It’s healthier, and in my opinion, it gives sweets a better taste;
  • Greek yogurt: if you don’t have it and you’re in the aforementioned middle-of-the-night scenario, light yogurt will work as well. Just use 1 or 2 tbsp less than the amounts listed in the recipe card below to compensate for its higher levels of liquids.
  • All-purpose flour;
  • Baking powder: I used vanilla-flavored powder, but anything that you like will do.
  • a pinch of salt: to interact with the yeast and give the muffins a stable texture. Also, it will help enhance the other flavors.
  • chocolate chunks.


Start by sifting the flour and baking powder together in a small bowl. Add a pinch of salt, mix with a fork, and set aside.

After that, crack the eggs and combine them with the sugar in a large bowl. You can use a hand wisk so you can avoid lumps easily when you add the other ingredients. However, remember that you don’t have to whip the eggs, so go gentle on them.

Add in the following order oil, yogurt, and finally the mixed powders, mixing continuously until you get a smooth batter.

Now, it’s time to get your muffin mold. If you don’t have one, put some paper molds in cupcake cups as I did.

Fill the paper molds just over half full with batter. Then, add one or two chocolate chunks to each one.

Cover with more batter, then bake in a preheated oven at 392° F. After 5 minutes, lower the temperature to 356° F and continue baking for another 10 minutes.

Please note that some ovens may ask for a slightly different baking time. For example, when I tried to make this recipe at a friend’s house, I had to bake at 392°F for 7 minutes and at 356° F for 12.

To make sure your muffins are ready, do the toothpick test. Take a wooden toothpick and stick it into one of the muffins. If it comes out dry and with no batter residue, it means you can turn off the oven. Since these muffins have a chocolate heart, avoid sticking the toothpick in the center and prefer the edges.

Final steps

When the muffins are ready, take them out of the oven, remove them from the muffin mold or cupcake cups, and let them rest for 10 minutes.

Now, they are ready to be enjoyed while still warm.

I hope you like them. In the recipe card below, you will find the amounts of ingredients needed to make five muffins, but you can scale them up to 2x or 3x as needed. Let me know what you think of them, and start your day the best possible way!


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