The BEST PIZZA PLACES on Hilton Head Island


Rich with history and beautiful views, Hilton Head Island is somewhere that seems to have it all.

This is one of America’s best summer vacation spots. It’s in beautiful South Carolina, which doesn’t get too hot, letting you actually enjoy spending time outside (looking at you, Florida).

Between museums, beaches, boat rides, and delicious fresh seafood, Hilton Head gives vacationers a myriad of activities to partake in.

But there’s one thing that I always seek out on Hilton Head…

And if you’ve read any of my articles, I’m sure you know what I’m going to say.

That’s right; it wouldn’t be a vacation if I wasn’t trying delicious pizza from every single pizza place on the island.

It’s just perfect to take to the beach or back to your hotel room, and everyone loves it.

Unlike some other surrounding areas, like Myrtle Beach, there wasn’t a whole lot out there in terms of pizza places on the island.

So, to save you time, I’ve put together this list of the best pizza places on the island.

I promise you, these places are all worth your time.

From local chains to independently owned pizza places, these spots are the real deal for pizza lovers and first time Hilton Head goers.

Here are the five best restaurants for pizza on Hilton Head Island.

Giuseppi's Pizza

a slice of giuseppi's pizza
Photo by @giuseppispizza on Instagram

50 Shelter Cove Lane, Hilton Head Island, SC 22928

Recently named “The Best Pizza on Hilton Head” by Lowcountry Style And Living, the owners of Giuseppi’s Pizza do not mess around!

These guys are originally from Pittsburgh, which was home to a few amazing pizza shops that were frequented by them and everyone in the neighborhood.

But once they got to Hilton Head, they realized that the quality of the local pizza places just wasn’t cutting it. They often wondered what made the pizza from home so amazing, and after looking into it, they realized that these guys were not cutting corners.

And thus Giuseppi’s Pizza was born.

The owners take pride in the freshness of their ingredients. Their dough is made fresh in house every single day, their pizzas are piled high with fine Italian cheeses, and their sauce is made fresh from California Roma tomatoes.

At Giuseppi’s, you know you’re getting the best when you eat one of their traditional pizzas.

If you’re in the mood for something other than great pizza, try one of their signature “weggies.” It’s a non-sealed sandwich made with pizza dough, and baked until golden brown. It’s truly a delicious one of a kind!

For any and all of your family’s pizza needs, be assured Giuseppi’s can surpass them.

New York City Pizza

A pepperoni pizza made by New York City Pizza in Hilton Head Island
Photo by @ilovenycp on Instagram

81 Pope Ave A, Hilton Head Island, SC 22928

Take it from one pizza lover to another, this place truly lives up to its name.

New York City Pizza is one of the only places on Hilton Head that you can get an authentic New York-style pizza.

The philosophy behind this great restaurant is always providing the customer with the freshest, most quality food, made from the most simple and fresh ingredients that they can get their hands on.

And man, do they deliver.

New York City Pizza is one of the most popular places on Hilton Head, and for an amazing reason.

Just look at the photo above!

When the pepperoni rises and cups into little bowls of oil, that’s when you know a place is doing it right.

In another part of South Carolina but craving New York City Pizza and don’t want to wait til next time? No problem! NYCP has six locations all over the state to accommodate all of your pizza needs. If you’re craving a really good pizza, stop by and give them a visit!

Fat Baby's Pizza

The statue at the entrance of Fat Baby's Pizza in Hilton Head Island
Photo by @fatbabyspizza on Instagram

1034 William Hilton Pkwy, Hilton Head Island, SC 22928

If you’re looking for a slice bigger than your face, then this is your place.

This is a pizza place with personality.

When you walk in, your pizza experience is greeted by Fat Baby himself, a 4 ft tall statue of a little fat chef.

Charming? Endearing? Creepy? Who cares, the pizza is amazing and that’s all that matters.

Their famous pizza parlor isn’t just a favorite of the tourists, the locals swear by it.

And as a cardinal rule of thumb, if a great place is a favorite of the locals, they know what they’re doing.

If your family is begging you to be the fun mom and dad and order an appetizer (and then subsequently getting full too early and not finishing their pizza), I HIGHLY recommend trying their bruschetta.

The tomato and mozzarella cheese mixture is extremely fresh and delicious, making it quite easy for your kids to eat their vegetables.

This is somewhere you absolutely do not want to miss when visiting Hilton Head.

Mellow Mushroom

mellow mushroom's great pizza
Photo by @mellowhhi on Instagram

33 Office Park Rd Unit 4, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

If the United States had a favorite pizza chain award, Mellow Mushroom would be a top contender.

Even though this place is a huge chain, the Hilton Head location is still widely popular and a massive crowd favorite for tourists and locals alike.

Their awesome pizza gives everyone something to talk about and keep coming back for more. Even my best friend, who went to school down here, swears by it being the “best pizza on the planet,” (talk about a compliment!)

Founded in Atlanta, this stone-cooked pizza joint gives all the power to the local owners and cities they’re located in, giving each location an authentic feel unique to their surrounding environment.

For dinner, I highly recommend getting a few of their buffalo chicken pizzas. It’s impossible to just eat one!

Their Hilton Head Island location also boasts a line of draft beers, and hosts fun activities like bingo, trivia nights, and late night pizza parties. If that doesn’t sound like a pizza lover’s dream come true, I don’t know what does.

Mellow Mushroom is a southern staple, and you’d be doing it wrong if you didn’t give this perfect place a try!

Frosty Frog Cafe

a pizza pie made from Frosty Frog Cafe in Hilton Head Island
Photo by @fashionchick1598 on Instagram

Coligny Plaza, 1 N Forest Beach Dr #18, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Island oasis? Might as well be.

Frosty Frog Cafe is an open air restaurant in the middle of Hilton Head that encompasses every single island vibe there is.

Delicious daiquiris? Serving them as we speak.

Fresh seafood? Caught and served that week.

Incredible pizza? Boy do we have something to tell you…

Frosty Frog is known across the island for serving the most unique pizzas.

The world is your oyster here, as you can pretty much order whatever you’re feeling like eating that day.

Green peppers and black olives on pizza? They can do that for you.

White pizza with Italian sausage, fresh mozzarella, and sweet onions? Why not!

Load up a red or white local pie with any and all of your favorite toppings, or choose between one of their many specialty pizzas.

No matter what you decide to do, a Frosty Frog pizza will do everything to the max, leaving you wanting more and more.

This is somewhere that I recommend visiting multiple times to try different menu items—it’s just that good!


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